Our Story

Staying passionately curious led Ayesha to find her next adventure - Portugal.  This is where her love affair started with Portuguese wines.  Every sip of wine she took, in combination with the exotic setting of a hot summer night with dim lights, folklore, and food pairings made her feel like an explorer of the local regions and cultures.

Upon discovering these wines,  she decided to share them back home, realizing that she would be a pioneer in introducing them to California - and beyond.

Ayesha's background in strategy and international business, along with an entrepreneurial spirit, inspired her to create Douro Vino Selections, which has since grown into one of the leading importers of Portuguese wine.

We are wine importers who don't just sell wine; we also pass along the knowledge and rich story of the select winemakers with whom we work.  We also seek to inspire curiosity to discover new cultures and terroirs - to make the world just a bit smaller.